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Welcome to the Special Services Department of the Southampton Township School District!

I am pleased to welcome you to the Southampton School Special Education Department! 

In the pages that follow, you will be provided with insight into the special services offered to all eligible children in the Southampton Township School District. 

The Special Education Department consists of professional and dedicated staff who work diligently to integrate parents/guardians, staff, and community in the development of school-based educational programming for students with disabilities.

Our department offers a comprehensive program of Special Education and Related Services, which include: 

  • Systematic procedures to identify and evaluate the need for special education and related services (Child Study Team);
  • A continuum of services and programs to meet the specific needs of the students (special education instruction, home instruction, therapy services, consultation and support);
  • Professional and qualified personnel  - teachers, therapists, Child Study Team members (Social Worker, Learning Consultant, School Psychologist), aides, office staff - to support the needs and foster growth and development in all students;
  • Positive and productive interactions with parents and others concerned to facilitate successful and meaningful educational and social development of children.
  • We believe that parents and family members are part of this "extended team" and look towards establishing positive and effective lines of communication with the families of our students.


Please feel free to contact me at (609)859-2256, extension 136, if you have additional questions or concerns. 

      Jennifer Andrews
       Director of  Special Services