Related Service Providers

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

I hope that you are doing well and that remote learning is going smoothly for your family. I am happy to share that all related service providers have been given guidance that they are now able to provide (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Therapy) through teleservices while students are engaged in remote learning.  As we go forward, therapy will be provided through a combination of pre-recorded videos, follow up activities to reinforce skills, and live individual or group sessions. These services will be provided through Flip Grid, Google Classroom and Zoom or Google Meet, depending on what will best meet the needs of your child.  The frequency and duration of services will be determined by the age and needs of each student. 

Additionally,  the district recognizes that teleservices may not be effective for all students and/or services. OPTIONS: You have the option to accept your session in a different form other than live/direct services. The therapists can provide you with strategies,  activites, and resources in place of your live session. Please contact your related service provider directly to work out the best form of support/therapy for your child. Teleservices do present some unique considerations, especially regarding limits to confidentiality in small group or individual sessions.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we begin this new scheduling and therapy platform. 

Scheduling:  1. If live sessions are appropriate for your child, the therapists will schedule a time and advise you of the day and time for your student’s live therapy session.  2. The therapists will send a link for Zoom or Google Meet for a face-to-face virtual meeting.  3. Click on the address of the virtual room/meeting link at the scheduled time.  4. Your child will receive a prompt to ensure that the camera, audio, and microphone are working.  This will be a session when the microphone and camera are turned on. 5. For the first session, the therapists may be discussing the materials needed, what to expect from the session, and any assistance you may need with your child. 6. Sessions will be scheduled as per the IEP or 504. 7.Remember quality is more important than quantity.  ​Online learning takes twice as long to do half as much. Minds wander, comprehension breaks down, and it isn’t hard to get digital overload. ​As a general guideline, the length of each session will be determined on an individual basis. 

Students will need access to the following: 1. A computer, laptop or tablet with access to Wi-Fi.  2. A location in the home that has sufficient lighting and privacy and that is free from distractions or intrusions.  3. Parent assistance to log in, start sessions, and assist with technical issues.  4. Our students, especially those who are young or with attentional issues, require a parent or caretaker to manipulate materials or adjust the camera.  They will act as a communication partner or e-helper during the Telepractice session and provide the model you may need to provide carryover in the home. 

If you agree to allowing your child to participate in these teletherapy sessions, no further action is needed and they will begin as soon as they can be scheduled by your child’s related service provider(s). Please be aware, by accepting these service, you agree to the following: ​In light of the current school closure related to COVID-19 and the present state of emergency, I provide consent for my child’s participation in the provision of remote, group or individual related services,  one student at a time may be accessed by other students, parents and/or guardians, who may be present in or observing the group to assist their student. I acknowledge that I am not a participant in group services, although I should be present to assist my child, that the services are confidential, and I agree that I will permit any other person to view or listen to the remote services.  

As in school, if your child does not show up for their scheduled teletherapy appointment, or complete the given assignment/activity, it will be considered an absence as it is during our direct services in school. If your child does not show for 2 consecutive scheduled teletherapy sessions or completion of assignments/activities without notification to the therapist, your child will be removed from the schedule. 


Amanda Winkleman (Speech Pathologist) - 

Stephanie Tafilowski (Speech Pathologist) - 

Heather Edwards (school 1 Occupational Therapist)

Sara Eisenhuth (school 2 & 3 Occupational Therapist) 

Valerie Weaver (Physical Therapist) 


Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to all parents/guardians for your flexibility and cooperation.  I continue to think of all of our students and hope everyone stays inside and follows social distancing recommendations so that we may all return to school as soon as possible.  


Jennifer Andrews

Director of Special Services

Southampton Township School District