Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Asia Michael
609-859-2256 x127
Mrs. Casey DeJoseph
Business Administrator 
609-859-2256 x127
Mrs. Bernadette McAneney-Harris
District Administrative Assistant 
609-859-2256 x127
Mrs. Brianna Chapin
Principal, School #1
609-859-2256 x130
Mrs. Jennifer Horner
Director of Curriculum 
609-859-2256 x158
Mrs. Kristine Bertulis
Principal, Schools #2/3
609-859-2256 x123
Mrs. Casey Noble
Assistant Principal Schools #2/3
609-859-2256 x132
Ms. Jennifer Andrews
Director of Special Services
609-859-2256 x136
Mr. Kevin Greene
Facilities Manager
609-859-2256 x132