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Referral Process

The Referral Process - Step by Step

For general information on referring children to the Child Study Team, please refer to the District's Project Child Find news page.  However, below is a description of the referral process once a written request is received by the District.  This process is outlined in the New Jersey Administrative Code for Special Education, Title 6A, Chapter 14.

Step One

Once a written request for an initial evaluation is received, the District is required to schedule a meeting with you, a general education teacher, and the Child Study Team within 20 calendar days (excluding holidays, but not summer vacation).  The purpose of the meeting is to determine whether an evaluation is warranted by reviewing existing data and information.

At the meeting, the assigned case manager will provide you with copies of the Special Education Code (N.J.A.C 6A:14); the Short Procedural Safeguard Statement.

The District only accepts written referrals from parents with signatures affixed and not through any electronic forms of communication (e.g.email, fax, telephone).

Step Two

If and When an evaluation is warranted, the nature and scope of the proposed evaluation will be reviewed with you and your consent requested.  Parental consent is required before any assessments can be conducted.

If any evaluation is not warranted, the process ends.  A parent may disagree with this determination by requesting mediation or a due process hearing, but should try to resolve the matter with the School District prior to these measures.

Step Three

When consent for an initial evaluation is received, the evaluation, determination of eligibility for services, and, if eligible, the development and implementation of the IEP are completed within 90 calendar days.

Written reports of the results of each assessment are prepared.  Copies of the evaluation reports and documentation and information that will be used for determining eligibility will be given to parents 10 calendar days prior to the eligibility meeting.


The Referral Process for SPEECH and LANGUAGE SERVICES

First, parents should discuss their concerns with the child's teacher.  The teacher will also consult and discuss concerns with our specialists whenever questions arise.  The child's teacher will be required to provide documentation of the education impact of any speech problems.

A referral letter may be received from a parent that includes a request for a speech referral only, so the speech-language specialists can arrange to meet with the parent, rather than with the full Child Study Team.  All letters may be directed to:

Southampton Township School District
Office of Special Services
100 Miss Mabel Drive
Southampton, NJ  08088
Attn:  Child Study Team

A referral letter that is received for a Speech Only referral will be handled by the Speech-Language Specialist.  However, if the specialist suspects a language or other learning concerns, they are required to refer your child to the full Child Study Team for review.