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General Information:

Welcome from the Southampton School District Health Offices.  Mrs. Christine Palmer is the School #1 Nurse, and Mrs. Jennifer Mikulski is the School #2/#3 Nurse.  The School #1 Health Office is located on the first floor of School #1.  The School #2/#3 Health Office is located adjacent to the Special Services Department in School #2.

Parents must sign-in at the Main Office of their child's respective school, before proceeding to the School Health Office.  

The Health Office section of the website includes forms pertaining to various school health office functions. These forms can be printed.  In addition, there are a number of resource materials and useful links pertaining to health issues included.


Useful Links for Parents:

Pediculosis (Head Lice) Information



Ms. Christine Palmer 609-859-2256  Extn: 142
School #1 Nurse  
Mrs. Jennifer Mikulski 609-859-2256  Extn: 143
School #2/#3 Nurse  
Mrs. Jennifer Teisen 609-859-2256  Extn: 143
School #2/#3 Health Office Assistant