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The Core Team

The Strategic Planning Core Team is tasked with detailing the Strategic Intents, or specific, measurable 5 year organizational results related to student achievement/organizational productivity. The Core Team is charged with outlining the district's new Vision (where the district wants to be in the future), Mission (the core purpose; why the district exists), Beliefs (expectations and established norms), and Values (important principles). This team focuses on developing and outlining the Why (the reason for the work) and the What (the Strategic Intents) as a blueprint for the strategic plan.
The Core Team members consist of school administration and school board members. The 2022-2023 Core Team members are:
Mrs. Betty Wright, BOE President
Mr. Jeff Hicks, BOE Vice President
Mr. Russ Hann, BOE Member
Mrs. Asia Michael, Superintendent
Mrs. Casey DeJoseph, Business Administrator
Mrs. Jen Horner, Director of Curriculum
Mrs. Maureen Walsh, Supervisor of Special Services
Mrs. Kristine Bertulis, School 2/3 Principal
Mrs. Brianna Chapin, School 1 Principal
Mrs. Casey Noble, School 2/3 Vice Principal
  • November 29, 2022: The Core Team gathered for its first meeting with PLC consultant, Judi Riley, to begin the Strategic Planning process. The team developed a shared understanding of strategic planning, the role of the Core Team, Focus Groups, and the Task Force Team as it relates to the process. During this meeting, the teamMeeting table was also able to identify the strengths, accomplishments, and areas of needed improvement of the district. This collaborative effort allowed the team members to develop a list of shared beliefs and values as a basis for the five-year plan. 
  • December 2, 2022: During this meeting, the Core Team reviewed the developed Guiding Values and Shared Beliefs. The team also developed a shared understanding of a mission, vision, and strategic intents. This information was used as a lens to revisit the current Mission Statement and to begin revising it to match the projected future of the district. 
  • January 18, 2023: The Core Team revisited the shared beliefs developed during the first meeting. The team also revisited the draft of the new Mission and developed a framework for a new Vision. The role of the Task Force Team was refined and preparation was made to begin to solicit staff, board member, and parent volunteers for the work.