Ms. Taylor Reeder » Hi there!

Hi there!

Welcome to 2nd grade! I am Ms. Reeder and this is my first year teaching! I am excited to work along with Mr. Capocci and Mrs. Simpson to help your children grow! We have a lot of fun of ahead of us!
We ask that each night your child read for 20 minutes. This can be done by having your child read silently and independently, or , you can read aloud to your child. Whatever works best! Once your child is finished reading, please ask some basic comprehension questions to make sure they are understanding the text. We ask that you write the book title in your child's agenda book and sign each day.
This year there are some changes. Students will be required to wear a mask at all times during the day except for snack and lunch. Please remember to send your child in with a bag containing clean masks and a bag to hold their dirty ones, just a back up in case life happens!
If you have any questions please email myself, Mr. Capocci, and Mrs. Simpson together at, and  You can also reach through ClassDojo private messaging or Remind. You can also give the school a call and leave a message for us at 609-859-2256 ext. 623.