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Every student is issued a Chromebook in grades 3-8.  In grades 3 and 4, Chromebooks remain in classrooms for student use.  In grades 5-8, students travel with their Chromebooks from class to class.  Cases are provided in order to keep Chromebooks protected from wear and damage. Students in grade 2 are introduced to Chromebooks in the Tech Lab in order to prepare them for use in the upper grades. 
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Insurance Coverage
For students in grades 3-8, optional insurance is available, although it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for students in grades 5-8 due to student travel from class to class. Southampton Township has chosen the Worth Ave. Group to insure school-issued  Chromebooks given to students. Insurance with Worth Ave. Group will protect the device against an assortment of damages. This insurance policy will provide full replacement cost coverage. This policy is also transferable to a replacement unit.  
Click here to purchase insurance.  The deadline to purchase for the current school year is September 30, 2019. 
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