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Please read the following letter detailing information about the school closing and work that you must complete.

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students:

We appreciate your cooperation and flexibility during this time.  We understand that school presents a variety of challenges and wanted to make our classroom plan and expectations as clear as possible by outlining everything.

Students who do not have access to a device or internet will be provided with paper copies of work.

Students who have access should use google classroom to complete the assignments in the School Closure Work section by the due dates listed. There are two assignments, School Closure Work #1 and School Closure Work #2. They should be completed in order.

Students with internet access and devices can turn in work as they complete it. Students without access will return work to school on our first day back.   All work will be expected to be turned in on the first day we return.

I will be available weekdays from 9 AM-2PM.  You can reach me on google classroom or on classcraft using the messaging feature, and you can check my website as well.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.  We will all get through this difficult time together.


Mr. Munoz