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ADV. Enrichment MP4

Course Description

This course covers the Geometry, Probability, and Statistics units from our Glencoe Math Course Two – Volume 2 textbook. We will begin with geometry which will include an in-depth analysis of plane, solid, and coordinate geometry as they relate to both abstract mathematical concepts as well as real-world problem situations. Next we will move onto the probability proportion of this course which focuses on how probability works and how it is applied in a number of areas. Last we will dive into the statics proportion of this course which focuses on data and statistics reasoning. It aims to give students an understanding of the main ideas of statistics and useful skills for working with data.



Units of Study

(Volume  2)


Unit 1 (Chapter 7)

Geometric Figures


Unit 2 (Chapter 8)

Measure Figures


Unit 3 (Chapter 9)



Unit 4 (Chapter 10)