6th Grade Advanced Math

Online instruction during school closure from 3/17-4/20.
 Please complete the following:
1. Log onto Deltamath.com
2. Create a student account
3. Type in our class code: 984159
4. Complete Days 1-19 labeled "ADV. Math" over the next 19 days. Make sure you SHOW YOUR WORK on a separate sheet of paper. You should NOT be using a calculator. All work will be collected and graded.  CLICK ON YOUR CLASS' PERIOD!!!
5.  Complete ONE assignment per day!
6.  Email me with any questions:  [email protected]
These assignments will count as grade so please aim for a 70% or higher. If your score is lower than a 70% please try again and resubmit the assignment.
**Remember to refer to your online textbook and Khan Academy for help when completing these assignments. 
Please also join our google classroom so we can stay in touch throughout this process: 66tjzh2
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About this Course
Please note that this is an advanced mathematics course, covering the 7th grade mathematics curriculum. This class moves as a much faster and more challenging pace than previous math courses. A commitment to the course and its depth of content, along with good time management and study skills, is essential to your child’s success.
Course Description 

This course covers a wide range of topics.  We will begin with the number system where students will learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers and rational numbers. Next, we move on to pre-algebra where students will learn how to solve equations and inequalities and recognize pattern. Last, we will end with ratios and proportions you students will learn about rates, slope, percents, and ratios. 

Units of Study

Unit 1 (Chapter 3)


Unit 2 (Chapter 4) 

Rational Numbers

Unit 3 (Chapter 5) 


Unit 4: (Chapter 6)

Equations & Inequalities

Unit 5: (Chapter 1) 

Ratios & Proportions

Unit 6 (Chapter 2)



Glencoe Math Course 2

 (Volumes 1 & 2)