Sixth Grade

Welcome to sixth grade!  Mrs. Flanagan and I are excited to work with your children this year!  We will be studying mythology, the Great Depression, and the Iditarod through literature.  Please see the appropriate pages to learn more about personal choice reading and homework assignments.
Sixth graders need to read at least 65 pages each week in their personal choice reading book.  Pages with pictures do not count toward their reading pages. 
Students are given 12 minutes each day after their lunch to read.  If they are utilizing that time appropriately, they should be able to complete at least 35 of the 65 pages within their school day.   This means they need to read 30 pages for homework within a week's time.  
I check reading logs every Monday (or the first day back after the weekend).  The logs must be filled out completely and signed by a parent or guardian for the student to receive credit.  This log is part of the personal choice reading grade each marking period.
WEEK OF March 3, 2020
Personal Choice Reading
Test Thursday
Personal Choice Reading
Sentences 1-8
Personal Choice Reading
Book share Thursday, March 12
Vocabulary quiz Wednesday, March 11
Personal Choice Reading
Personal Choice Reading
Reading Log Signed