Bienvendios a la clase de español en Southampton

¡Hola y bienvenidos! This is the starting point of a very exciting and rewarding journey! Here you will find all the information you need to know about me, Profe. Capraro, and what your student will be doing each year in Spanish. Learning Spanish is such a valuable skill and I am thrilled to be able to lay the foundation and build on that during your student's time here at Southampton. I look forward to getting to know your student and hope to see them in my Advanced class in 8th grade!
Remember my moto: Spanish- it's No Prob-llama!
For grades K-2: Students will not have any assigned homework, but of course it is great if you could practice what is being covered in class. 
For grades 3-4: Students will have a student portfolio that will need to be completed weekly. This will have a quick review activity and check list for students to complete and then get signed by parents. Again, the purpose of this is to ensure that students are practicing at home.
For grade 5: Students may need to work on projects outside of class, as well as study for their quizzes. 
For grades 6-8: Students will be participating in a Flipped classroom. Please refer to the Flipped Classroom page for more information. This means that students will have homework every night leading up to their class. This will ensure they are prepared to participate in that weeks activity. Students will also need to study for all quizzes and tests.
For Advanced: Students should expect homework every night. This homework will reinforce what we are doing in class and can be in the form of a worksheet, writing activity, listening activity, or project based. Students should set aside 5 minutes every night to study their vocabulary words and grammar concepts even if no assigned homework has been assigned. More time may be needed leading up to their Performance Assessments. 
If you have a question or need to get a hold of Profe. Capraro, you may send a note in your child's agenda book.
For quicker responses email, or leave a voice message 609-859-2256 x647. 


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“Building a Tradition of Excellence”

Jennifer L. Horner   Kristine M. Bertulis

Principal   Vice Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students:

We appreciate your cooperation and flexibility during this time.  We understand that school presents a variety of challenges and wanted to make our classroom plan and expectations as clear as possible by outlining everything.

Students who do not have access to a device or internet will be provided with paper copies of work.

Students who have access should :

K-2: Visit the new Collaborative Google classroom for School 1 Special Areas. The code is: urxragk. Students will complete the assignments that have been posted every other week.

3rd-5th grade: Visit the new Collaborative Google classroom for School 2 Special Areas. The code is: ca3rsa3. Students will complete 1 cross-curricular activity every 3 weeks.

6th-8th grade: Visit their Google classroom for Spanish class. All materials to be completed are located under the Classwork tab: Home Instruction 2.0.


Advanced: Visit their Google classroom for Spanish class. All materials to be completed are located under the Classwork tab and are separated by week.

The assignments students will be expected to complete are

K-2: Students will complete the Spanish assignment posted in the collaborative Google Classroom.

3-5: Students will complete 1 project every 3 weeks. Each assignment will encompass all the special areas and the assignments will be released on Monday's.

6-8: A new assignment will be scheduled to release on Monday's at 8 a.m. Students will have until Sunday at 11:59 to turn in the work.


Advanced: Materials will be posted by week that will need to be completed.

Students with internet access and devices can turn in work as they complete it. Students without access will return work to school on our first day back.  

I will be available daily from 9 AM-2PM.  You can reach me on my email at and you can check my website as well. You can also contact me through the pre-establish remind app classes. Should you need the class code please send me an email and I will provide it for you. 

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.  We will all get through this difficult time together.


Profe. Shannon Capraro