Welcome to Mrs. Lieberum's Class!

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my class page!  Off to the side, you can find lots of information.  There are also several links that your child can use to access websites that they use at school and websites that are required as per our At Home Instruction Plan.
Week 2 was a success!  Thank you to all of you who have been keeping in contact with me and submitting your child's work.  I love getting to see what they are doing while home!  The hands-on activities have been cool!  I love hearing about recipes they are making, games they are playing outside, and fun things such as room make-overs and riding horses!  I will be available each day by email if you need anything!  
You have a few options in regards to submitting assignments.  Depending on your accessibility, you may:
~Print them out for your child to do and take a photo to attach to an email as an attachment daily or weekly. 
~Print them out for your child to do and scan them and email them to me as an attachment daily or weekly.
~Copy and paste the assignment into a Word document for your child to complete there and attach them to an email as an attachment daily or weekly.
~Copy and paste the assignment into a Google Document for your child to complete there and share with me using my email address.  In this format, I can go into the document and leave feedback as we will both then have access to the document.
I have been working on my Google Classroom which I would like to use primarily for working on and submitting assignments.  I have all of the links they will need listed in Classwork in my Google Classroom. I have sent out a few emails to parents in regards to my Google Classroom and how to get your children logged in.  Please email me directly if you have questions or if you need your child's school email and password.   I would like to have all of my students join my Google Classroom by 3/29 so that they can utilize it for our Daily Check-In (fun new format!) and other assignments and resources.
You can always email me directly from your email to submit assignments, or if you have questions, as I believe you are unable to attach to emails sent through my website.  Please use this email:  lieberumj@southampton.k12.nj.us
The students all have an index "Password Card" that should have been received at home by now as it was mailed home from school.  Please use this card to access the websites that they need to do their assignments. *Please do not lose this card!!!  It has all of your child's login information on it and they use it frequently when at school so they will need it when we go back.* 
Please do your best to hold your child accountable for completing their daily work.  The work is review at this point but we want your child/children to retain what they have learned so far this year.  
Be flexible!  Standard Homeschool instruction for 2nd grade is around 2-3 hours a day.  Don't feel that you have to force your child to sit at the computer all day.  Give them breaks, make up a new daily schedule together, add in some projects that your child can measure as a math lesson, bake and cook together as math and science lessons.  Allow time for creativity!  Painting, puzzles, arts & crafts... And if the weather allows- get as much fresh air, exercise (The GoNoodle link is to the right!), and sunshine as you can!
Please enjoy this time home with your child!  We all have that "working mom/dad/parent/guardian guilt," and often feel we don't spend enough time with our children.  Don't look at this time as a burden, but rather be thankful that you get some extra time with your child/children.  Take time to read together, cook together, play games together, and just spend some quality family time together.  We will all get through this!